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My husband recently went on dialysis at a Center while he waits to have his port put in for the peritoneal dialysis approach. He just found out that he has MRSA. And he was told it was transmissible by blood and feces, but I also read that it can be transmitted by skin to skin contact, so I’m not touching him at all and will be washing his clothes separately. Then, for the first time when we met with his surgeon for the peritoneal port, it was mentioned that if he gets an infection at the new port site, it probably would be pulled and he’d have to go back to hemodialysis. Has anyone had experience with an infection at a peritoneal port site?

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@ldrlaw I am on PD and they stressed to the nth degree, about infection! Each day I clean my exit site and apply antibiotic cream to it, and keep it covered. Your husband will proably go through what I call "PD Boot Camp", where they train you to do the dialysis at home, and teach you to be on the lookout for infections, the signs to watch for, etc. I have a non-working fistula in my lower right arm, and if something happens, they will need to use a chest catheter. That scares me the most!

My husband, Chuck, who is currently on hemodialysis at the center, had two infusions of Vancomycin for his MRSA. Yesterday he had what appeared to be symptoms of a reaction to the medication. His symptoms were itching at the port site and under his arm, low blood pressure, dizziness, and nausea. Apparently this can sometimes happen if infused too quickly, although he does not believe that was his situation. The reaction can take place 7 to 10 days after administering. Other symptoms, which he did not have, are a rash and shortness of breath.