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Gall Bladder removal

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It seems a lot of people who have had a cholecystectomy have pain such as you. I had it too and had to have more abdominal surgery 15 years later .. very long story … and I asked the surgeon why I was sore on my right rib area and he said he did a little something there too. He never said what, but that pain went away with whatever he did. I only got a synopsis of the surgery so no details Just a guess but think maybe the cholecystectomy was not done correctly .. maybe a stone left in where it connected to other organs .. I do not know organ anatomy.

I also had a nissen fundoplication done at same time and it appears both surgeries have same results with many. Diarrhea for one. What helped me was to keep a journal. If it gave me diarrhea it was off my diet. Of course it meant going back to a very bland diet and slowly adding foods and drinks. Another thing that helped was taking a probiotic. I tried several .. giving them each at least two weeks to see if they helped. After several I took Align and it is the one that helped me. Of course one of the most expensive I get it at Sam's Club when it is on special. I tried the Member's Mark and it did not work. Align seems to have the magic ingredient for me.

With my acid reflux I took a PPI, but still got the hoarseness. I still do sometimes when I go off diet. I take small sips of store brand of Maalox or Mylanta and it helps heal the esophagus, but main thing is to try and have a diet that prevents irritation in the throat .. again the journal comes in handy to omit the culprits. If you still have problems with stomach irritation and hoarseness you need to talk with your doctor. He can prescribe something to help .. like carafate. You might need an endoscopy to investigate what is going on.

I have no medical training .. this is just from my experiences.


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Thank you ZeeZer for taking time to share your experience, much appreciate it!