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I do have a lot of frustration I have been in and out of doctor's offices but every time I go they're only wanting to do with the fact I have digestive problems I've now been diagnosed with gastroparesis I have lost close to 60 pounds yes I can't get up and move around a little bit and yes I I may have some anger issues that I'm dealing with but with that being said it's because the ball doesn't roll fast enough after 2 months I've tried to get answers at a definite diagnosis so I can apply for disability or get better whatever it is I just wish I do I finally have a appointment as of last night 3:30 of the morning after I wrote this post with a doctor one week from today. I reached out to the Mayo Clinic for one fact and one fact only because the person who deals with things that are out of their control that I personally don't want to put on here or anywhere else I thought the safest it really felt that this was their answer for me but I guess I was wrong but please don't be be up because I hurt so bad in my heart. And I mean no disrespect or ugliness to anyone I'm not angry but please walk in somebody's shoes mentally and try to understand where they're coming from . Empathy goes a long way God bless you all and I apologize that I vented on here I thought this is more of a support group then anything thanks for listening

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Billie, Venting allowed. 🙂

My opinion and only well wishes to you. We all understand and can relate to some symptom or frustration or all of it you have endured. This is truly why the ER doctors say the most challenging time of peoples lives. Please dont give up no matter what. Have you tried a social worker thru your healthcare system? I know difficulties of income as Ive had none about a year. Have you contacted your local county office for different assistance programs such as SNAP, Liheap, marketplace insurance, for anything your state can offer or federal programs they can suggest for your particular circumstances? If the first person doesnt seem to be helpful, call back in couple of days for someone else who hopefully has been there longer or trained with more current info. I know the processes are almost impossible but I have found being very informative about your symptoms preventing ability to do paperwork or research with brain fog etc helps get further assistance. Most everyday people you talk to or even see have no clue what post covid is. They think its just covid you get over in a month☹️ Really try to take day by day for your health and sanity. Ive been doing this for about a year and in bed responding but tomorrow or even later today probably better. Found different expectations help with the mental part affecting healing our bodies. Keep simple reminder notes on calendar for one to two week follow up knowing if they say couple of days more realistic with overload on healthcare systems etc and if response in stated timeframe so appreciative! We are here for you and happy to share the positives of our healing journeys that can become yours!

I understand the frustration you feel but please don’t give up. The next place or doctor you see might be the one who has an answer but it does seem you need a break. Please give yourself permission to rest and be good to yourself. I have had long Covid for 3 years and suffered through so many issues. I,too,have had ups and downs so I understand. I have to take breaks from the constant search for answers. Then I go back to it. Hang in there. Ignore the insults and arrogant doctors. Take the learned knowledge of a professional (you’re paying for it) but take little else. Then soak in the kindnesses and true caring from the good ones. Sometimes doctors don’t realize they can do more harm than good. But just like the negative persons can hurt the good ones can help. I wish doctors, staff, and others realized that a kind word and gesture may help a compromised person feel better well past the moment it is given. Our mental or emotional parts may need healing,too. I was in the hospital recently. I saw several doctors on a particular day but the one who made the difference (in my mood and feelings) was the one who quietly walked over to my bed, looked into my eyes ,squeezed my arm and said, “you’re going to get better. I will pray for you”.

Your needs are important. Your life is valuable.
Your time is valuable.
You are heard.

Most people do not understand Long Covid-they do not understand empathy (sadly)
They have not walked in your shoes.

If a doctor does not hear or respect my needs- I walk out. I now only go to doctors that I get referred from my personal doctors. Being disrespected is disgusting- we are all worth more.

Thoughts and prayers

Long Covid 2+ years
When I cry, I cry. But when I can fight, I give it everything I have.