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I get it. I was told I should get a hobby! I have 6 doctors and the only person who has really helped me has been my physical therapist. He really listens, is empathetic and has really helped to increase my stamina. I’ve been dealing with this since Thanksgiving of ‘21. My suggestions are a large teaching hospital, a rheumatologist and a physical therapist if applicable. Do not give up!! I was a critical care RN for 40 years. There are good doctors out there. If you know any nurses, ask them for referrals because they see and know the good ones. Lastly, try to be factual on your first visit even if you have to write down your history, symptoms and meds if any. Good luck and let me (us) know how you are making out.

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Hello, @joansmurphy Thank you for your kinda, informing, and very encouraging message. I wanted to apologize for my tantrum the other day. I was really just at the end of my rope. I had tried to remain positive, but it felt like the universe had something against me and didn't want me to move forward. I reached out to so many avenues and each one closed down due to one thing or another. Finally we took a evening off and just got away from it all and cleared out thoughts on. When we got back I was able to go over everything we had done already and looked at what we didn't follow up on or what we haven't fully read. There was a discharge packet that I never seen, because I was so sick and my eyes hurt so bad that by the time I had been able to process anything it was forgotten about. When I read this Wednesday or Thursday morning I came across the words (Discharged with Long Covid) Plus, this was positive results as well. There is still a lot of testing and a few procedures and surgeries I will have to go through, but with that diagnosis I can finally get some help. We were approved for SNAP benefits no questions asked. I am seeing a new Primary Care Doctor with Holistic Medicine this coming week and we will be getting the results back from the 4 biopsies this week and we will know what is next. Plus, that $2000 a month Medicine I needed is now only $30.00 for 90 days. That is for the first 5 months. I am not done yet. After being evaluated if need be the prescription will be almost free. Now I wish my health would start doing better. I am so grateful for your inspiration. We may have some struggling head, but we finally have a foundation that we can work with. Everyone on this site who thinks there is no hope just read some this discussions and you will see there is always hope.

RN here too. My short term disability has ended. Looking into Workers Comp.