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Tell us your symptoms. Maybe we can help you. We all have different
symptoms. We can be there for you.

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Ok I am going to try the best I can here.
1) 3 x COVID positive since
2) sinus / respiratory runny nose swelling in nasal area with shortness of breath
3) migraines bad Cluster Headaches
4) pulsating tinnitus accompanied with sharp burning pain through middle of skull the radiates into the spine and from the spine up to my ears bilateral.
5) vision problems
6) dizzy spells( similar to POTS)
7) tingling electric sensations done arms and legs. Muscle spams
8) major digestion issues and kidney issues. I have had tests ran waiting on biopsy results for cancer to return but Doctor already know that I have gastroparesis. I literally went a month and a half with no bowel movement or being able to keep food, medicine or some liquids down. I lost a total of 46 pounds in that time.
Very flu-like symptoms weak mind you I have been eating small meals of soup broth and smooth lite foods for the past 7 days so I do have gotten some movement back, but I was pretty much confined to bed for a month still have issues due to lack of energy
some coordination issues.
9) Easily agitated.
10) Depression and major anxiety.
I will not take any type of SSRI. I refuse to put that in my body.
Also pre-existing conditions
COPD, bronchitis, previous cancers, psoriasis, history of migraine, smoker, obesity, arthritis, severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea. And History of Sinusitis and Anxiety and Depression from Cancer.

I am really grateful for you to ask.
This morning I finally was able to set an appointment with a PCP that accepts my new insurance. She takes the Holistic Approach before any. I couldn't ask for a better mindset in a physician. I will see her in a week.