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I understand the problem with being remote. What does your primary doctor say? Did they send recommend Mayo? Can you move? I can tell you that from what I hear is that some docs outside of the long covid clinics provide better care and guidance. It often involves listening and being willing to refer to the right specialist. You seem to have anger and frustration beyond Mayo as you cite the lack of response from people to understand and/or care. I get it, you are mad, but you seem very upset and spoke of letting (long) covid kill you. But if you are not sure what exactly is wrong, how do you know that? You said the pain of rejection hurts worse than the covid so it could leave Colleen and others to be concerned how you might react emotionally to that pain. I am not being insensitive when I mention moving, but if that is possible given your means for living, maybe you have a place closer to help where you might also have some support? Chronic illness and people struggling to find help has been around a long time; long covid has elevated the number. So yes, some people be empathetic, some sympathetic, and many may not have all the answers. But hopefully you get something from it and will encourage you to keep going.

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I do have a lot of frustration I have been in and out of doctor's offices but every time I go they're only wanting to do with the fact I have digestive problems I've now been diagnosed with gastroparesis I have lost close to 60 pounds yes I can't get up and move around a little bit and yes I I may have some anger issues that I'm dealing with but with that being said it's because the ball doesn't roll fast enough after 2 months I've tried to get answers at a definite diagnosis so I can apply for disability or get better whatever it is I just wish I do I finally have a appointment as of last night 3:30 of the morning after I wrote this post with a doctor one week from today. I reached out to the Mayo Clinic for one fact and one fact only because the person who deals with things that are out of their control that I personally don't want to put on here or anywhere else I thought the safest it really felt that this was their answer for me but I guess I was wrong but please don't be be up because I hurt so bad in my heart. And I mean no disrespect or ugliness to anyone I'm not angry but please walk in somebody's shoes mentally and try to understand where they're coming from . Empathy goes a long way God bless you all and I apologize that I vented on here I thought this is more of a support group then anything thanks for listening

Please take a look at the rest of my stories just look even at my profile and see the history that I'm talking about I've had covid three times since February 2020 I recently just had a flare up since the beginning of December and I haven't gotten any better that's how I know.