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Calf pain after TKR

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I also experience extreme calf pain following my TKR and then several weeks after surgery. Speaking with my Nurse Navigator she had me continue with gabapentin 3x a day with tizanidine every 6 hours/as needed. This regiment truly kept the situation manageable as it twindled down to nothing. The Nurse said some people just experience severe muscle spasms which need longer term attention. I hope you and your health team can come to a good working solution as I know this is extremely painful. Best regards.

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Doctor did not tell me to taper off gabapentin after 6 months of being on it. It was an awful withdrawal! Severe headaches and ill feeling. Called them so then tapered but it took me forever to start feeling better!!

Do you remember if it was more painful when you were sitting or driving? I can't drive more than 5 minutes and my calf/foot is screaming at me.

I have also started taking GABAPENTIN, 1300 mg throughout the day.. they are 300 milligrams per pill.
It seems to help with the nerve pain, but I also wonder about the Sapheous nerve as I read the article from Mayo Clinic about that…. I got my second opinion from the CLEVELAND CLINIC, that was never mentioned…. But they just said nerve pain…. Makes me wonder. I said it was a bad decision I made to have a TKR, my husband says …. It was the correct decision just not the outcome we were hoping for.
I am approaching 5 months out!

I am one week post TKR and am also having extreme calf soreness and numbness in the heel of my surgery leg. The numbness and tingling in my foot seems to get worse at night or anytime I’m lying down. The calf soreness is always present and is always painful when I try walking. I was sent to the ER yesterday to have a blood clot study to rule out a dvt, which was negative.

Today someone suggested this might be nerve damage or neuropathy. A little hunting for info led me here. I have my next Appt with the surgeon in about 5 days. I hope he has some relief to offer me.

Anything I can do at home in the mean time??