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Lorazepam alternative

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@lgumerman. I have ongoing and chronic pain in my back and hips from osteoarthritis. It can be just awful so I know how terrible it is to live with this.

I can understand the reluctance of the psychiatric nurse practitioner in prescribing lorazepam since this is a controlled substance with known addiction potential. Are you also prescribed lorazepam in suppository form and oral form? Maybe taking lorazepam orally as well as in a suppository is too high a dose? Is that what the nurse practitioner said? I wasn't sure from what you posted.

I don't understand, though, what the problem is with prescribing pregabalin. That medication (brand name is Lyrica) is used to treat epilepsy but it also approved for muscle pain and stiffness in fibromyalgia.
I don't believe pregabalin has addictive potential from what I've read.

Pregabalin (Oral Route):'


Psychiatry appointments can be difficult to get and schedule depending on where you live. You might find it easier to get in with and to talk to a physician who specializes in pain to get an idea of what alternatives might be available. Chronic pain can be such a challenge to treat and a physician who specializes in pain should be able to explain more about this and suggest alternatives to try.

What do you think your next step will be?

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@naturegirl5 Thks. I have been on lorazepam for years and it helps No take both orally and as a suppository. I have never abused it by taking more than prescribed. In total and combined methods I might take 2mg. I am sure there are others out there that take a lot more than that. I have had pelvic pain since 2003 and this
Medicine is a godsend.
I think my next step is to see a pain doctor after all. I agree someone who specializes in pain will offer help. Thks!