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Look, first I am not suicidal and I'm too big of a coward to ever even do something like that.
Second, I can understand the doctors and medical staff are under pressure and over worked, but to not even give a person the common decency of knowing what to do. They just said, "This location doesn't have the service, so we are denying you application." That was harsh in my book especially when I said I really if I can't be seen in this location please direct me in a way that I maybe seen elsewhere. After so may doors closing and I am about to be left with no help no directions on what I can do. I have just decided let it kill me who cares.? I don't know of anyone who would shed a tear for me. I want to put this out there also, if you look at past posts, I have poor insurance I pay almost $600 a month for and I still had to use over $7,000 in out of pocket expenses. To not have an answer for anything. This amount is just since 1/2/23. This why I lost hope for humanity and the country we live in. I have done several fundraisers and I have shared my links for support and out of 10,000 views, I have had only 6 donate. Some people will never understand the struggle some of us have in Rural towns. There isn't one COVID center within a 4 hour radius. Except one and it's already booked till Apr

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This response of mine WILL NOT fix anything… but Billie? You sound like someone I’d like. When you said”… and I’m too big a coward to do anything like that…” I was just grinning. Some amazing people in rural America have gotten by for so long with so little help… and Billie doesn’t have anyone to move near, sounds like. You’ve toughed it out, and now you can’t. You need help, and are frustrated because you don’t ever ASK for help… but now that you need it, it isn’t there. It takes energy to call, to look, to talk to anyone, to try. I know you don’t want to be a burden, but sometimes letting someone help you is THE hardest thing. I wonder if there is anyone in your… church? someone who could come in and help make calls. You need help. I just want you to know that I’m hearing you say that— you need answers, you are being left out in the cold, and have no recourse. There are others who can make ‘good’ suggestions; I just simply wanted to look at what you are pointing at and say: “oh no. This is impossible!” I am hearing you. And I’m so so very sorry.