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@billie6977, I'm sorry that you are suffering so much. I also understand how hard it is not to be able to get an appointment with Mayo Clinic. Unfortunately, with so many people dealing with post-COVID syndrome there is a much greater demand for appointments than spots available.

Have you looked into COVID specialists listed on the SurvivorCorps website? Here's a like of Post Covid Care Centers.

If you are feeling in despair and just want to talk to some, please call or text 988, the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline https://988lifeline.org to speak to a trained counsellor.

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Tell us your symptoms. Maybe we can help you. We all have different
symptoms. We can be there for you.

Colleen I apologize if I came off like I was having issues or if a misunderstanding of what frame of mind I was in please forgive me as you know this can really make a person stir crazy pretty good I really do appreciate your feedback your comments your support it really does mean a lot

I just seen the survivor corps here and they are at least an hour away from me. I am in better spirits than the first part of the week.,but physically feeling like I am going back to say one. Burning in my neck w/low mobility. More nausea, constipation, feeling dehydrated, head ache and Tinnitus. All day has been long and all I wanted to do is sleep. I thank you for the information on the survivor corps. We are looking and Tuesday I have my appointment with PCP. So here is hoping we have good results with this one. Thanks again.