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Thank you so much! Might be willing to try this. How you feel is more important than anything else. Congrats on your long distance walking. Amazing! I am staying away from Amgen products…Evenity and Prolia. I would appreciate you sharing your improvement percentages from your March scans if possible. Thanks again for your feedback. Gives me hope that perhaps Tymlos can help my bone health! Best wishes to you!

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I will share my results. Good luck!

Greetings @sedrake51, I am also a "trekker". A group of us maturing women decided to take advantage of our life above 5000 ft and begin an inn-to-inn trek every year. Vermont was beautiful, and Ireland was interesting. We love beaches and mountain sites. Like @windyshores, I ended up with two years on Tymlos. No side effects, easy to manage.

Good luck and don't forget to share what you learn so others can benefit from your experience.
I wish we had learned to sidestep.

May you be safe, free, and protected from inner and outer harm.

May I ask why you’re staying away from Amgen products in particular?