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Mesenteric Panniculitis or Sclerosing Mesenteritis

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Hi elle1233, does seem like they are discovering much about this organ. I am thankful for sure. Please feel free to share with us. Although we have some issues/concerns that are similar, many seem very mysterious. As kimh said earlier-we learn by sharing. 👍❤️

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Thank you PC.. well, maybe I should put this in a thread. I have had chronic but varying in intensity abdominal pain for 11 yrs, since a gallbladder surgery, many tests, no solution. At Mayo, a CT scan with contrast showed a twisted mesentery, and I was very excited, because it seemed to fit with my pain, and it's bizarre coming and going (apparently it moves around a bit). And, my small intestine motility is very slow, and it feels like something is "blocked".

Anyway, long story short; my Dr. says it can't be the problem because my small intestine itself is not blocked or twisted. I've done some research and found a doc from Ireland who spent time at Cleveland Clinic, who focuses on the mesentery, and have been doing a lot of reading. There are a lot of nerves and blood vessels in this newly deemed organ :), so it seems to me that perhaps if it's twisted, that could impinge on some of those things and cause pain, even if the small bowel is not affected. I also "met" one patient online who had a diagnosis of twisted mesenteric root and said he has had abdominal pain his whole life. (my Dr. says it would be an acute, emergency thing, and mine has been long term, also).

I don't want to knock the doc (lol that rhymed), but he is a Fellow (in training) and young, and as you say, it seems they are really just starting to look into the mesentery as an organ, let alone the problems it might create. It seems possible to me that there could be lower grade, chronic problems that could exist from it being twisted up… and if there are 2 of us.. maybe there are more.

Right now I can't do anything, even though the Dr. rules it out, until I have an answer, it's still on my back burner. I thought I might send my info to the Irish Dr. and see what he thinks. Right now, they say, well, it sometimes is seen in people who don't have pain. Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to find out if there are others with such a finding who have abdominal pain with no cause.