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Mesenteric Panniculitis or Sclerosing Mesenteritis

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Hey everyone. Hoping y'all are all doing well, or at the very least, hanging in there. Another 2 hospital stays under my belt, but can only partially blame MP, at least I think. Important questions to ask everyone. Has anyone else had an issue with malabsorption? Thanks to the constant nausea, which I try to control by grazing (simply snacking throughout the day instead of 3 full meals and really helps) as opposed to taking meds for it, my appetite is rarely there. Some weight loss and bowel movement issues (stools ranging from watery diarrhea to an oily sludge) are common symptoms. My other question, about that which could possibly be related to the malabsorption, is about fainting or blacking out. Anyone else experiencing anything like this? I've had 3 'episodes' of this occurring with an awesome little laundry list of injuries (a concussion, 2 fractured vertebrae, bruised sternum and ribs, and a spectacular black eye, divided up between the 3 'episodes') to draw the doctors' attention away from MP for a bit and focus it on something they can confidently treat, and actually spell. Y'all might even think I'm making it up, as pitifully gloomy as it will sound, but 2nd fall's MRI confirming concussion and checking for any neck injuries, discovered a brain aneurysm. I wish it were just the plot of a sad Lifetime network movie, but it's true. The aneurysm is large enough to be operable, but one who's dimensions won't be easy to fix with a routine clip or coil (because, like MP, I like the complicated, rare shit). All this added fun, and I insist that MP deserves the focus and I beg for it to be addressed first, assuring the doctors that the abdominal pain from it wins out over everything else. So, a novel later (apologies), I'm hoping y'all can help with any similarities you may have experienced with these 'episodes', and malabsorption. Thanks.

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Morning Dementorshoes! No idea if I have malabsorption issues. Although when I don’t have diarrhea I start to worry😊. So I have taken B’s, and other water-solvable vitamins on an irregular basis for years. Now I also take calcium and D, as well as Mg. So maybe that’s helped. I do have low blood pressure regularly and energy to match. Our bodies and interactions are so complicated, I don’t cross off any “complications”. I sure am hoping your aneurysm is taken care of easily friend, I send all good thoughts. I avoid surgery as much as possible having found my gut does not like anything that stressful. So I’m doubling those good thoughts for you! Please let us know how it goes-? ❤️

I too pass out. Currently at heart doctor. Everything looks good on his end. Will probably get a device inserted into my chest to monitor it at all times, to see what goes on when I pass out. I have no warning that it is going to happen either, just wake up on the ground in pain