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I’m 61 and scheduled for my mitral valve replacement surgery next month. I will be getting a mechanical replacement. I have done some reading and watched a few videos ( that freaked me out a little!)
However I would like to hear from someone who has been through this.
I’m a planner and I feel like I am not ready for this. What and how did your recovery go?

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@sandyjg, good for you for recognizing that you're a planner and want as much informatin as possible as you prepare for mitral valve replacement surgery with a mechanical replacement. You'll notice that I moved your post to this existing discussion:
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I did this so you can read the posts made so far and connect easily with members like @lavasite @scottij @in2dabluz @bjanderson @dennyb @tsc, who have had this procedure.

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Sandy, what freaked you out? What's your primary concern at this point?

@sandyig Hi, I had mitral valve replacement in 2014. I got a bovine valve, not the mechanical. The surgery went well and my recovery went very well. I wasn’t in much pain and never took any medicines for pain. Mainly, when I coughed is when it would hurt some so I used the “heart “ pillow they gave me to hug which helped. But felt it wasn’t that bad. No pain after I coughed. Follow all their instructions on what to do after surgery because it all helps with recovery. I’m being monitored now to be sure I’m not ready to have surgery again. So the mechanical is probably a good idea for you because you won’t deal with this. I know someone who had a mechanical over 20 years ago and did and still is doing fine with it. I wish you a good surgery and speedy recovery. Please let me know how it goes after. I’ll be thinking and keeping you in my prayers.

Greetings and salutations @sandyjg
As you saw and graciously like from my previous post, I had mitral valve surgery in April of 2019. It did not work. My challenge was undetected congestive heart failure despite years of exercise, excellent diet, no alcohol or drugs, and staying thin. When it was discovered, I was at Stage IV. My heart had enlarged to over 9cm. The mechanical device was intended to close the gap so that the mitral flap could close properly allowing the valve to work. The hope is that would allow and increased ejection fraction, allow the heart to rest as it was working too hard (to keep up with me) and then hopefully shrink to a more normal size. We also used stem cells to rebuild the heart and a variety of drugs to remodel heart behavior. It did not work. BUT, please don't derive any personal fear from my experience. I was always told that this was an emergency action to delay what would probably an eventual heart transplant. What we did not realize is how quickly the decline would be. I really only felt good for about a month. What has you freaked out? Any specific questions that I can address for you? Where is your surgery being performed (hospital; etc. I mean, we know it is being done on your heart. LOL)
Best always,
Scott Jensen

Hi @sandyig, I posted my story about a mitral valve repair on Oct. 21, 2022, just above your post – so I won't go into the details again. I wish you the best.