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Mesenteric Panniculitis or Sclerosing Mesenteritis

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On my first ER trip, I was misdiagnosed with a pulled muscle in my back and sent home. An MRI showed no change in the crappy disc issues my neurosurgeon is already well aware of. I had emergency surgery 2 years ago on my back for Cauda Equina Syndrome. A day and a half later, during a tearful phone call to the PA on-call with my neorosurgeons office, I was told to call 911, this is NOT a pulled muscle nor is it your spine. She knew of my AAA last year and was worried about one of the arterial stents migrating and causing the intense abdomin and back pain. That visit's CT showed the MP. First GI was downright cocky about claims to have treated this dozens of times. I didn't need a doctor whose ego was more important than my health. My 2nd GI, bless him, has referred me out for help (No go at Mayo so hoping for Stands or Cleveland clinic) because, in much appreciated candor stated "I don't know how to treat this, so we'll send you to someone who does". I promise you that you know as much about MP, courtesy of this board and Google, as your primary. Keep looking. And hang in there.

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Does anyone know any drs.in new York?

You were fortunate to have a doctor admit not knowing how to treat but willing to refer to someone who does. I went for seven years before someone diagnosed my Carcinoid cancer which was the underlying disease of my MP.