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Prolotherapy for SI joint pain

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After months of seeing doctors concerning lower back pain on my right side, and having injections that brought short term relief, I was diagnosed with an SI Joint issue. Doctor wants to operate and install the Medtronic system, but I have decided to pursue PRP procedure first. PRP doctor was very straight forward and said there are very few studies that give any indication on how effective the procedure would be on the SI Joint. I have an issue with my left knee, so trying the injection on both areas seems like the best avenue to pursue. Surgery is the very last option I will now use for any problem. I had my right knee replaced a few years ago, and it has never been the same, and never will be. Great doctor did my surgery, but the replacement knee is never as good as the original. I will post how things go.

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Be sure to have someone check out your ligament and other 'stuff' that holds the joint in place. I do not know the medtronic system, but I had terrible SI Joint extensions that were primarily fixed with prolotherapy on the ligaments connected to the Joint. When the joint stretches that stretches and damage the attached ligaments. Prolotherapynashville.com website has a good discussion of this, especially about prolotherapy for the knee.
My SIJ ligament fix took care of all the walking etc problems. I still have an SI Joint that moves a small amount out of line and believe that is to be expected for hEDS syndrome people. For those joint movements I have a few exercises I do daily and they put it back where it should be. A knee to the chest while lying down is the best. I do that 2xdaily. I also gently stretch the hamstring and the illopsoas, that by dropping one leg off the side of the bed while lying along the edge. That muscle connects the spine to the lower body.
Good luck finding your answers. I agree that surgery should be a last choice.