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Anal/rectal & bowel spasms/cramps in anal cancer

Colorectal Cancer | Last Active: Apr 15, 2023 | Replies (18)

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Colleen, thank you for reaching out. Today is day 8 & abominal spasms have eased but anal pain/ pressure still present. Reached out to team today & was told to present to ED. As symptoms are reducing & am able to eat small solid food portions, I have deferred the ED visit, but recognise I should have gone earlier. No advice on food, & haven't connected with dietician till next Monday. I am concerned that the tumour is growing rapidly as pain has changed & I seem to be straining more to pass wind. Bowel motions are scant, but then haven't eaten much in last week. Since diagnosis 6 weeks ago, new symptoms are appearing each week. Is this typical of SCC anal cancers?

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I'm Dena and I was diagnosed in 2017 and treated for colorectal cancer with radiation and chemotherapy. All of the symptoms sound so familiar to me even after such a long time. I don't know what I would do without imodium since I have also been diagnosed with IBS-diarrhea dominants. Just recently I started experiencing the colon/rectal spasm with severe pain. My GI prescribed hyoscyamine for the Anal/rectal & bowel spasms/cramps. But now I am experiencing seepage to the point of becoming incontinent. I have been wearing adult panties since 2017.
But I say this to say that maybe you can tolerate hyoscyamine, so talk it over with your physician.
This support group is a Godsend.
I will have to come off the hyoscyamine because I will become home bound and not have any quality of life left.