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Glucosamine or other supplements for RA

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Hi. For anyone taking glucosamine, how long did you take it to see improvements? I had a hip operation, it's "ok," not perfect yet, about 4 months since, but my knee is the thing that's giving me problems because it's inflammed on one side, has been that way for years. I'm reluctant to take a knee operation but I want to know about the inflammation, not to do with the hip though, but it's stopping me from having a better life right now. It's puffy when I wake up and often during the day, plus bothers me when walking. So -- if you took or take glucosamine, (1) is it working, and (2) does it reduce inflammation, and (3) how long did it take if you noticed good results? (Thank you.)

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I took Glucosamine Chondrotin for many years…years ago..mainly because I have osteoporosis. I really don’t know if it helped with the occasional pain I had here and there. I don’t have pain now but I have been taking Omega 3 daily along with other supplements. This is just to keep inflammation away and I also eat an anti inflammatory diet. It must be working because at nearly 82 I generally am pain free and take no medications.

Some people swear by Glucosamine or Chondrotin or a combo of both. I walk daily and go to the gym three time a week. The last thing I want is surgery of any sort so I try to keep my joints supple by being active and having a good diet. I do know that a CBD balm helped when I had butt pain.

Try the anti inflammatory diet route and maybe a fish oil or omega supplement. Perhaps a soft knee brace would help…many are available on Amazon…for days that are painful….helps with stability…Above all, avoid surgery if possible. Lidocaine patches might help with pain also.
I try to avoid ibuprofen because it is Ototoxic and I already have a hearing loss.

It may take a couple of months to see an effect with diet or fish oils but I bet you will see an improvement. Good luck.

FL Mary