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Of a personal experience definitely talk to your employer and talk to your physician because if you still have a cough then with a company with other symptoms my own opinion would be nine times out of 10 you still have long covid symptoms so I would definitely reach out and explain how you need some more time it's not hurting them so it is hurting you and it can become worse I don't want anybody to ever be in a situation that I'm in I haven't been able to get assistance or disability or any type of short-term financial coverage my husband and I are both struggling we're about to lose our home our cars no money for food no money to take care of our animals can barely take care of our house that's like kind of feel like a lost cause we have no resources and this little hick town to help us with anything it's beginning of February I think the second week of February I will finally qualify to be able to get SNAP benefits oh oh and marketplace healthcare gave me the greatest insurance LOL Ambetter

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First, let me say how awfully sorry to hear that you're facing such calamities! No one should have to lose everything due to their health or lack thereof. My heart and prayers go out to you. Thank you for taking time out to pass on some advice to me. I contacted Kaiser to find out how to get my FMLA paperwork to my doctor and the representative said my Dr. had me out for 3 days!! I then remembered that during my 1st appointment with him he prescribed stronger medication than the previous doctor. I, in great hopes that it would do the trick asked him for a back to work note for the following Tuesday (3 days later). Since that time, he's changed my medication and I've seen some improvement along with some home remedies. After finding out he only had me out for 3 days, the rep suggested I contact his office and get it straightened out. I'm waiting for a callback this afternoon. I'm just hoping and praying he is amenable to signing off on the additional time I've had to take off. Hoping he's not some hard nose who doesn't care. I cannot afford to lose my job! I take care of my bipolar elderly mother along with my schizophrenic older brother and I don't know where we'd be if I lose my job. Please pray for me for the best outcome. Thank you. ♥