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Tapering off Budesonide/pulmicort question

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A friend who has asthma just told me she has been inhaling Symbicort twice a day for years, and I looked it up and it’s got Budesonide in it along with a long acting bronchodilator. I was surprised that it’s used that often and for so long.
My pulmonologist said inhaled Budesonide stays in the lungs and doesn’t go systemic like oral steroids.

That’s a lot easier than nebulizing!

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Yes, according to my pulmonologist, this is the protocol where the PRIMARY issue is long term poorly-controlled asthma, and MAC and/or bronchiectasis are secondary. I have been on the generic version for close to a year, and it has been life-changing for me.
Reduced shortness of breath, reduced feeling of "an elephant on my chest", and only a few times using nebulized levalbuterol or steroids (during excerbations.)

My daughter, who was formerly seen in the ER at least 3X a year for uncontrolled asthma attacks, has been ER free for over two years on Symbicort.

In addition, I have only been using my rescue (levalbuterol) inhaler a few times a month instead of as few times a day. I use the Symbicort before breakfast, and neb saline after breakfast.

So, as with everything else, it works for some of us.