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Prolotherapy for SI joint pain

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I had pain in my shoulder and the osteo Doctor that I went to wanted me to travel to his home office for prolotherapy treatment. I did not want to travel that far, as I was already driving an hour to the facility, he worked at one day a week. He had a student with him that day and he proceeded to explain to her that he was going to do a manual type of treatment that brings about the same results as prolotherapy. He then took his thumb and pushed it very hard into my shoulder and rotated it around the joint. It was really painful, and he told me not to hold my breath because tears were rolling out of my eyes. I had my shoulder pain for over 6 months and after he did this to my shoulder it improved quickly. Now when I have a joint pain, I go into the joint with a lot of pressure and irritate it and that works really well for me. I have done it to my elbows and knees and it helped. Not sure why irritating a joint works, but he did tell the student that the prolotherapy shot is just sugar and water to irritate the joint.

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I believe what you are doing, what the Osteo doctor did, is push the out of place joint back where it belongs. I have had the same kind of thing with 2 different joints. My leg, in response to an almost dislocation, could be pushed back and doing so was very painful. That was caused by my SI Joint. After I had the prolotherapy that stopped happening.

But I urge you to go get the prolotherapy because it treats the ligaments and other stuff that holds the joints in place, not really the joints themselves. As my Dr, explained, the hypermobile joint stretched the attached ligaments so they could no longer do their job. These 'lax' ligaments can also damage nerves. "Lax" ligaments cannot heal themselves if they are continually stretched trying to help the mobile joints.

Do find a way to get to the Dr. office. Good luck

Good to heqarr the DO's movement worked for you.
Not sure where you live but check out National Spine and Pain Centers … My treatment was at one of their affiliated centers in Chevy Chase, MD. And if you want to check our prolotherapy check out the website for ProlotherapyNashville. The Dr. there has some good explanations.
The idea is that the irritation of the shots tells your body that something in that ligament needs to be fixed and initiates the body's own healing system that for some reason has not done it's job. For me, my hyperextending SI Joint relied on the attached ligament and that damaged it. It became "lax" and could no longer do its job. I also had the leg length differential fixed by an operation on the other hip after a fall on the ice. UGH! Now I can put it back from it's small extensions by pulling a knee to the chest and keeping my major leg muscles in good shape. The subluxing leg stopped after the prolotherapy!