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@mamacatjane, although my cancer was in the throat area, I can empathize with this decision you have to make. Before undergoing radiation, chemotherapy was also on the list of to-dos. After researching the odds of chemotherapy helping me (as you have done) and speaking with the oncologist in an up-front manner, I decided against the chemotherapy. This is because having the chemotherapy would have increased my odds of survival by 1-2%, yet there was a greater chance of hearing loss, plus other negative consequences. The decision was very troublesome for a few weeks, before making up my mind. After you explained it, the odds are in your favor…not by the margin of 1-2%, but 80-85%. I cannot tell you what to do. Being an older person, I would not elect for the surgery with those odds. Pray about it, in the quiet of the morning. Listen to the still, small voice inside!

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We made the same decision as you. Husband was told exactly the same numbers by adding the chemo. The side affects were just too much at 70 years of age to warrant it. He finished his 35 rounds of radiation treatment and is doing well. 8 weeks post treatment, the neck has healed the swelling is gone and his taste buds are starting to return. He looks healthy, although he tires easily still. His PET scan is early April, I will post the results here. How are you feeling? Have you had your PET scan.