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Post Hysterectomy bleeding.

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@rose53 I am so sorry I missed your post and so did not respond quickly. I think I might not be getting notifications as I did in the past so I'll report that.

It's been almost a week since you first posted. I would be very frightened and anxious if I experienced this. I realize blood in the urine could come from many different things but for those of us who were treated for uterine cancer it's very scary this is where our mind goes immediately.

I had a recurrence in October, 2021, that was found during a follow-up appointment. I was shocked but within a day I got right on all the tests and treatment plans to treat the recurrence (radiation therapy was recommended) and having a plan helped to calm me down.

Are you still seeing blood in your urine? Have you seen your doctor or messaged or called your oncology team? If so, I hope you were seen very quickly. Have you learned anything else about the bleeding that you can share?

I am sending you a virtual hug, positive energy, and healing prayers, Rose.

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Thank you Nature Girl.
I called my care team asap at Mayo. They advised me to first check with my family doctor for a possibility of UTI since I am out of town (5) hours away. I do have a follow up appointment on the 26th that was already scheduled for my four months follow up. I do have a history of kidney stones so I'm praying and hoping it's caused by it. My urinalysis does show blood in urine but no bacteria. I haven't heard from my family doctor to give me evaluation. I will keep you posted. Kind regards.