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Symptoms- Not yet diagnosed

Esophageal Cancer | Last Active: Feb 21, 2023 | Replies (10)

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I went to ER when I could not swallow food. I could only sip water. The ER doc prescribed antacid and recommended I see gastro doc as followup. I did see gastro doc and he did endoscopy and found large cancerous tumor in lower esophagus. I have now had 14 of 28 radiation and chemo treatments and hope to be done on Feb. 6, 2023. Then I will have to wait another 6 weeks to have PET scan which will tell if all the cancer in esophagus and several local lymph nodes is gone.

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Good Morning!
Are you in Rochester? My husband just rang the bell on Friday finishing the radiation part of his treatment with more chemo to go. We are a bit ahead of you in treatments. If your family would like to talk please have them reach out. Wishing you a successful treatment and good health!

Hi Don,

I’m glad to hear you were diagnosed and will be receiving treatment. How long could you not eat food before you went to ER? Did you have the soreness behind breastbone when swallowing? I haven’t been able to eat solids for two weeks. It’s a terrifying ordeal to wait for your prognosis. Many people seek help when they can’t swallow, which is said to be in later stages of the cancer. This disease is listed as having such dismal outcomes. I hope you and others prove that wrong. Did you have any other symptoms prior to swallowing difficulties?

Any other feedback would be appreciated. Thanks for your posting. Good luck with your treatments.