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It does sound as though this wasn’t going on very long so that is positive. I’ve worked in the dental field my entire career and some things that appear quite alarming aren’t always cancerous. So I’ll be waiting right along with you to hear about your biopsy, if you don’t mind.

Your cheek will be tender after the biopsy so have some soft, easy to chew foods on hand. Basically, make your own baby/toddler foods…small bits, soft consistency. Nothing too hot like soup and also avoid spicy hot things at that time.
You may get some pain medication, if not then Advil would work the best if you’re able to take it. That reduces inflammation. Avoid mouth rinses or toothpaste that contain mint until it’s healed. Children’s toothpaste such as Bert’s Bees is soothing. Warm saltwater rinses several times a day can also help with healing.
Let me know how you’re doing after the biopsy, ok? (That doesn’t mean you can’t write sooner!) 😊

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Thank you so much! Your note is filled with such useful information. I very much appreciate that, as I am in uncharted territory. I will definitely keep you posted. I feel as if it is sprouting shoots off the circle at this time. I’m not feeling good at all about this; but I will know in another week or so.