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Mesenteric Panniculitis or Sclerosing Mesenteritis

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I called to make an appointment today at the Mayo in Minnesota, I called a few weeks ago, and was told to try back today because I wanted an appointment in late June. When I called previously the person that answered the phone was very abrupt and told me that Dr. Pardi does not see patients for this… he just wrote a paper on it. When I asked who specializes in this, they said I would have to see one of the general GI docs. When I called this afternoon they had the same attitude, like I was disrupting their day. Not friendly at all. I was told that there is only a Glen Alexander, no Jason Alexander and that he doesn't see patients for MP. I again asked about Dr. Pardi and was told that he rarely sees patients but might be available for the dates that I was looking for. They want me to call next week when the appointment calendar becomes available. Has anyone else experienced this issue when trying to make an appointment? Should they advise if there is a doctor who specializes in this? Are the doctors as cold as the person answering the phone?

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Yes, Glen Alexander. I urge you to write a letter, find out their FAX to fast track it. Address it to Dr. Glen Alexander, Gastroenterology, with a request for an appointment for consult. Give a short summary (one page) of what you have been through with diagnosis of MP. They are very busy but will send you back a letter. Be sure to include your phone numbers and e-mail as well as home address. Once at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN you will find everyone friendly and bending over backward to help you.

It's been a hard time finding someone who actually knows what MP is, where do u go and what's the outlook. I'm in the same boat. To find compassion and a kind voice helps tremendously. So how do u go from point A to C? It's that (B) that's the killer, hate using that word, but when it fits. We, as your not alone in this fight to get help. We call looking for help, and we end up talking to a bridge troll. They won't lower the bridge for you to cross for that help. The talk to u as if your asking them to pay your IRS taxes. They make it sound as if where the ones with the knowledge already in hand. Then, to round it off it is our duty to address them as queen or king, that their time is governed by what they dictate. Yet, for what ever purpose there titles are receptionists or customer service providers? Go figure, our health is second to their primary needs to be pampered and never questioned, only to be told when to speak and when to be spoken to. To actually find someone with the ability and knowledge to help you is beneath their need to sit, answer, and smile and gossip for a paycheck. Never mind your needs to not suffer from a debilitating, rarely recognized disease and find that pervebal needle in the medical soup. We pay more, we get less for a government controlled Healthcare system designed to promote jobs within the system. As we feed this system, we are actually not in the system. So I can only offer one true comment that has a rarity of working, that good luck is really all we have left. 

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