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Double lumpectomies in same breast

Breast Cancer | Last Active: Oct 10, 2023 | Replies (13)

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Thank you for your comments. The PET scan showed that the spot on my lung isn't maligned, but my lung surgeon is going to remove it February 16 along with checking three chest lymph nodes. My second breast surgery is Feb 3 to remove another slice of breast tissue, check lymph nodes and insert a port for chemo.

The center of my breast is still very tender, but I know it takes time to heal. I really don't have pain anywhere else which I truly thank God for.

My breast surgeon is considered the very best in eastern NC (maybe farther) and has been performing these operations for at least 20 years, but has only seen this Sarcomatoid Carcinoma every couple of years.

I have two tumor boards, one lung and one breast and an Oncologist.

The two cancers were discovered the middle of November, so I'm thankful surgeries and tests have been moving quickly.

I really believe that if I had not had a reason to have the 3-D mammogram and ultrasound, these cancers would still not be diagnosed. I had my regular mammogram and breast exam not long before that and nothing was found.

But my faith in God's mercy and healing and the strong support of my husband and children is what will get me through this.

Thank you again so much.

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Please let us know how it all goes. I have my next PET scan in the spring...hoping all the lung junk magically disappears!