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Pelvic pain - Persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD)?

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I’ve had EMG nvs Mris xrays you name it.

That’s why I’m looking into MR NEUROGRAPY.
But you have to have a doctors order and finding one right now seems like looking for the end of the rainbow

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What is an neuro-MRI?

I'm looking into revision surgery of my major spinal reconstruction in Nov., 2016 (7 hours, fusion T4 – pelvis).

I was left after that surgery with most of the deformity corrected (major kyphoscoliosis – getting to Quasinodo territory), but several unfortunate problems:
left foot toeing out (major gait abnormality) and "flat back" – abnormal lordosis which left me tilting forwards when I walk, increasingly so. (Surgeon denies either has anything to do with him even though the symptoms only appeared after I came to!)

I can't walk more than ~ 100 yards without support, and the pain which was at first mostly relieved is recently becoming intolerable. (Probably related to a freak home accident, "blunt force trauma". Fell on my laptop – sharp corner side up gouging deeply into my chest (who does such a nutty thing?). The first "10" pain score in my life including two unmedicated childbirths and that spinal surgery (which may patients describe "like as being like run over by a train.) "

Unfortunately, I can't have any more CT myelograms as my disks are all completely compressed – can't get even the smallest bore needle in, and MRIs seem to be limited by all the titanium from T4 to the pelvis.

Maybe this technique would provide needed information to diagnosis all that's going on, needed for a revision operation.