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MAC antibiotics and side effects

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Hi, I am Jane or JJ and am new to this site. I was diagnosed with MAC 2/22 and started the 3 antibiotic regiment in 8/22. Has anyone been told to use a nebulizer and flutterer? I am using it twice a day with no improvement in ability to bring up congestion. Am ready to stop as very frustrated. Have always had trouble giving sputim tests to the point one time they did a broncoscopy. Sometimes I have tested for as many as 3 different variances.

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Hi, JJ,
Flo/Frankie16o here to share that I too was diagnosed with MAC Lung in June 22. I was put on 2 of the big 3 right away which stopped the horrific cough and then started the 3rd antibiotic in August. I take the Big 3 at bedtime and have had few side effects. The cough returned a month ago and has been productive. I was encouraged to Nebulize with just Abut oral 2 times a day! After 3 weeks the cough got worse and I stopped the Nebulizer in favor of the aerobica one time a day and the cough has now continued to be horrific. I see stars when I have a coughing fit. I drink warm tea to sooth the throat and will call my pulmonary Doc and Nurse Practioner on Tuesday if the cough continues. I too am frustrated.