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Mesenteric Panniculitis or Sclerosing Mesenteritis

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Hello fernandoparce, I have been following your post for the past two weeks or so and I am so sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time with this disease. I was diagnosed with MP in April 2016. It's definitely no picnic to deal with. I tried Prednisone 20mg it made me so sick that I just couldn't take it anymore. Things have gotten better because of a serious change in my diet. If I eat right I feel better. I too have loss quite a bit of weight so I understand your concern. Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone! Hopefully you feel better soon!

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Hello @viva

I see in your post that you mentioned, "Things have gotten better because of a serious change in my diet. If I eat right I feel better."

Will you share with us some of your dietary changes that have helped you?


Last night I had a drink another prednisone and a painkiller my lower stomach was just hurting real real bad is that normal where the pain always hits I just been eating salt crackers since last night

Sometimes I feel I feel like it's cancer and my anxiety goes up more but they tested me for cancer and I don't have no cancer does it just hurt that bad

Hi Fernando,
Can I ask what pain medication you are on? I am currently on codene-contin, which is a slow release medication that is taken once every 12 hours. It is not a 'quick' relief (At times, I have to top off with a tylenol 3), but gives me some relief in order to live some sort of life. Movement of any kind (even bowel) irritate my condition, so I spend a lot of time resting. It's not ideal, but it helps to control bouts of pain. Also, I have noticed that laying on my right side (where my pain is) also causes more irritation. I hope this helps. Besides learning what treatments my "American cousins" are receiving, I have found peace knowing that others understand what I am going through and that I am not in this alone. David recommended a good book that has also helped me called, How to be Sick by Toni Bernhard which has been helpful.

@hopeful33250 Hi Teresa, I've changed my diet and my eating habits. The first thing I learned is to only eat small amounts. Too much food causes bloating and pain. I have also eliminated cooking or eating spicey foods. I cook with Mrs Dash and that seems to work for me. No onions or garlic. I've also found I can eat a can of soup with no problems. I also avoid beef and fast food. No cheese or dairy. It has definitely taken some adjustments especially during holidays. I've found if I'm very careful about the choices I make I do pretty good. Finally regularity is a must for me. Two days missed I start feeling those symptoms!

Sounds like my diet is close to yours @hopeful33350 and with Christmas starting I’m struggling already! But I just have to be surprised-I’m not sure I’ve ever gone two days! I’m the big D and lookout several times a day-that’s my “normal”. I can’t even imagine two days without it! Wow! Not like something I usually talk about but I wonder how many others are my “normal”- or yours!? I just assumed (silly me) everyone else was like me! Interesting! Learn something new everyday! Thanks!

@pcfromfm I am amazed at your "normal"! I struggle with this issue on a daily basis. I've been prescribed several really harsh medications to try and combat this problem. But I look at it as just another part of MP that I must deal with in order to feel better. So lucky you!

Small, almost snack like eating (rather than full plate meals) work better for me as well...

Lol! Sorry! Not funny but all good! Yes meds are (to treat D) terrible as well so we motor on!