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I was diagnosed with uterine prolapse when I was 68. I’m guessing you have made a gyn appointment. I was fitted with a pessary (mine is a rubbery, round disc with two larger holes opposing each other and two smaller holes also opposing). The gyn showed me how to fold it in half and insert it. Gravity and activity works the pessary down, every two to two and a half weeks I remove it at night, wash, air-dry, insert the next morning. At first it feels really weird to do this, but once in, you feel so much more comfortable. I needed reassurance my insides weren’t going to fall out (they won’t). You remove for intimacy. Hope this helps, happy to answer any other questions. Gyn told me surgery doesn’t last that long (5yrs?), I figure I’ll wait for improvements in that option.

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Hi! I am now 72 and had a hysterectomy when I was 30. First bladder lift at 35 second around 40. I have had pelvic floor therapy and not had much of a problem since. I have some leakage but I have other issues that are taking precedence right now. Find a doc that deals with the therapy methods…there are new techniques out there. The pessary thing sounds messy and like something my grandmother had…lol. But, don't give up…no reason we older women can't age gracefully.

I am 66 and have been using a pessary for several years. I have the same insertion, removal and cleaning process. It works great and I have had no issues. I will stick with this as opposed to surgery as long as I can.