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@eddieras I think you will be happy at the Staybridge (the one by the St. Mary’s campus?). I think there’s one on the West side of town next to my beloved Comfort Inn. Staying a ways out from the clinic campuses I came to enjoy the shuttle rides, scoping out other lodging possibilities and seeing which locations seemed favored by other Mayo visitors. You can tell from the number of people coming and going. Staybridge always had a following. In regards to restaurants, others mentioned Canadian Honker. I concur. It is all around good and is right by St. Mary’s Hosp & your Staybridge. I also agree with the Flapdoodles recommendation for ice cream treats. There are at least 2 locations in town. I like variety and ethnic choices. Near the downtown campus I found Italian, an Indian buffet, Mexican (El Rojo?), Asian and a place called Pannekoeken (Dutch pancakes) and a place called Chester’s. I’m sorry I don’t remember all the specific names. On Hwy 52 (a main drag that runs N / S separating the main part of Rochester from the Western side) are LOTS of restaurants : Newts (burgers & beers), one of the Flapdoodles is there, and many other places. On the West side of town by the other Staybridge and my Comfort Inn (Circle Drive) there is a place called 5 West (upscale a bit pricey). Across the street is a shopping mall complex that has a bar & grill called Roosters (peanuts, popcorn) and a movie theater nearby. If you end up being there on the weekend there’s Whistle Binkies for fantastic Sunday Brunch and Bloody Mary Bar. There are 2 locations. One is on the North side off of Hwy 52. One of your best bets is to ask at Staybridge for recommendations & brochures also the Mayo Concierge people.

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All the restaurants you mentioned are great! A newer one, The Purple Goat, close to Whistle Binkies north, is a new one of our favorites. And Pannekokan has way more than just Dutch pancakes. They have very tasty healthy dishes for lunch and supper. Love sitting outside at many of the restaurants in the summer.