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Thank you, this is helpful - I have noticed a decrease in my bathroom visits as I have been tapering off. Different than a prostate issue, I could not believe the amount of times I went and the amount of fluid that was eliminated. It was crazy to go that much in one hour so to speak.

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I had the very same problem with frequent urination day and night but mostly at night. Getting up to go to the bathroom hourly when I should be sleeping wasn't good. Sleep apnea was the problem at night. I'm thinking the sleep apnea was related to prednisone use because of extra fat around the area of the neck that might have led to obstructive sleep apnea.


In any case, a CPAP machine seemed to stop the frequent urination during the night while I was on prednisone. I still use the CPAP machine even though I don't seem to have the apnea so much anymore since coming off the prednisone. I sometimes sleep the whole night without CPAP and maybe make one bathroom trip. I just use the CPAP machine because I'm used to using it.

Otherwise during the day I think an enlarged prostate was part of the problem. It didn't help to be on prednisone because I was probably retaining fluids. If it wasn't frequent urination it was excessive perspiration. I think my body was always trying to expel extra fluid one way or the other.