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Mesenteric Panniculitis or Sclerosing Mesenteritis

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Looking back I remember in the lat 15 years having episodes where my stomach felt sore with no other symptoms. I use to say it felt like someone socked me in the gut or like I had been doing hundreds of sit ups or crunches. I wonder if this was the MP. Has anyone else had this. For the past week I have been getting this feeling a lot. Having an MRI enterography on Nov 6. When I went to see my GI doctor I hadn’t really been experiencing too much. But for the past week my stomach has been hurting and I have been slightly nauseated. I can not take steroids and anti inflammatory medications bother my stomach, not sure what other treatments there are for this. Wondering if something I am eating is causing it. Please any input or suggestions appreciated. Suppose to go back to the doctor Dec 5, but I may have to be calling him sooner the way I have been feeling.

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Hello @judy147, sorry you are not feeling well and I hope your MRI reveals favorable results. Before being diagnosed with MP I used to tell my wife that my stomach felt like it was trying to digest a belly full of rocks. Thinking back, I've always had what everyone referred to as "a nervous stomach". I do not know if this "prior stomach issue" is at all related to MP, I have never read that in any case study but since there haven't been many study's done it probably wouldn't get mentioned anyway. I have also wondered the same thing about those prior-to-diagnosis issues.

I am asymptomatic, I was told by Dr. Pardi at the Mayo Clinic that I can still get a stomach ache and I can get sick, that doesn't mean I have to go to the ER every time that happens. Dr. Pardi encouraged me to not make the assumption that because I have MP I need to run to the ER every time I have a stomach ache. Those comments were based upon my history and multiple CT scans. I'm not suggesting this is related to you or anyone else in any way but just wanted to let you know what I was told in case it could help you in any way.
I am not a doctor, but what I watch for is dehydration (especially if vomiting) and no bowel activity. If these occurred for an extended time I would be seriously concerned.

@kanaazpereira had a very good suggestion maybe the FODMAP diet would be a good start. For me it's diet also. At the top of my basic list of suggestions to feel well it would be to stay regular, drink enough water and eat the proper foods. Don't get constipated, don't over eat or eat a heavy meal or eat foods that are known to create gas. Try to be gentle on your tummy.

Your MRI is a little ways off so would you keep us posted up till then? Please let us know how you are progressing.
Von @vdouglas

Hello, @vdouglas sorry I haven’t written sooner but I just got my test results from my MRI this week when I went to the doctor. Still very confusing. The MRI did not mention any MP but did show a thickening (towards the sidmoid colon) that was not there when they did my CT scan in July when it showed MP more near my small bowel. I also have a narrowing in the same area as the thickening. He wants me to have a colonoscopy to investigate. I had one 5 years ago that was normal. I asked him if I could wait to January and he said he saw no problem waiting until then (my son is getting married the end of December). He thinks I could have diverticulosis at the best and a remote possibility of colon cancer. Although I may have to get the colonoscopy sooner because I have been experiencing a soreness in my abdomen, more like an ache from when you do too many sit ups. Unfortunately I have not been doing sit ups. I almost feel like I did in July when I was diagnosed with the MP. No diarrhea or bleeding. No nausea, just a back ache besides the soreness in my abdomen. I have way to much to do with baking cookies for the wedding and Christmas to go get the colonoscopy done, plus no one to really take me right now. End of the year and everyone has used their days off.
Sorry I am rambling just stressed.

Hello @judy147 , thank you for responding, good to hear from you. So that sounds like good news that the MP didn't show on your MRI but you should confirm that with your G.I. It sounds like your prognosis is better than what you were previously describing, at least I'm hoping so.
You really have a lot going on this month. I wish you well through the wedding. I think a lot of people are going to enjoy those homemade cookies. Even though you have a lot going on you must do what you can without over doing yourself, if you don't it will just add more stress during a time when you should be enjoying the moment. When the wedding and Christmas have past you can schedule your appointment. Someone will be available to take you to your appointment. Just mention you need a ride while you are passing around the cookies.
Take it slow and easy, it will get done.
Best wishes to you for less pain in the days to come. Keep us posted.

I like the trade off; homemade cookies in exchange for a ride! All the best to @judy147 ! It's somehow ironic that my MP symptoms arose right after my son's wedding....

Just wondering if people are being checked for bone density after they have been on steroids for a while. My GP advises a bone density scan and said I may have to go on a Calcium tablet once a month if my levels are low

@jolied , I don't think I have seen that mentioned. Excellent advice!

I go for an annual bone density test and since my first round of Prednisone, it has been discovered that I have osteopenia. I believe that is the reason that the doctors have been less aggressive with the prednisone therapy.

Hello @judy147, I hope you were able to enjoy a wonderful Christmas and I guess you have or will have a nice wedding to prepare for. I hope you are feeling better.