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Size of poop

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@mikayla68 -
If your bowel movements are too wide it is an indication that you are constipated. Your large intestine has stretched out over the years to handle all the stool. You can have several bowel movements a day and still be constipated.
I also think you should see a gastroenterologist to help you find something you can use daily and something you can tolerate.
You can get back to normal- it may take some time.
I also have had to deal with it- still working on finding the magic combination!

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I agree and have always been surprised when a GI never said this. Yes, of course it has stretched out. But I'm telling you that my "normal" bowel movements have not been small or just token bits but considerable well-sized poops, it's just the first part of the first one. Yes, it's like walking a tightrope! So far so good with the ground flaxseed, I'm up to 3 tbsps starting today and just a small amount of Citrucel. My mornings are no longer lost. I've seen many GIs over the years, for sure. I cannot imagine at my age and after so many years that my intestines could go back to the right size. But I guess ya never know. I jsut reread my post and don't know why I didn't mention my fairly-recent fissure surgery ... I guess I was just looking for specific advice. Anyway, part of the surgery was Botox and I think it has started to work (I was told it can take a few weeks) which means there's a bigger opening for stools to pass. Thanks so much for commenting!