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Size of poop

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Water is what makes your poop move thru the colon. Since you’ve had a long standing issue with it maybe the 8 glasses of fluid a day is what you require? Fructose or fruit sugar pulls water into your colon to help you go too. Yes flax seed does it too but can cause loos stool too. As another reader stated 1 tblspn to start in morning as a test run and increase your fluids. Since you’ve had a long term issue are you seeing a GI doc?

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Hi, thanks for commenting. Oh gosh I've seen so many GIs over the years! Since I started the ground flaxseed I'm drinking even more water than usual. They all say to take stool softeners (I do) and/or metamucil (I did and switched to metamucil). Time will tell. Here's what's good about the flaxseed - I'm no longer having such bad mornings, so yay to that. It's really important to me to stop these stressful overpooping mornings. I'm up to 2 tbsps per day, just added one more today, and so far so good. What is also helping is to give up trying to eat high fiber - from what I hear from other IBS sufferers, it can really aggravate the IBS, so I'm feeling good about that too. It's like walking a tightrope! A couple of months ago a GI prescribed Linzess and it was HELL. I. will never take that again. I almost missed Thanksgiving dinner altogether - had to take so much Imodium is was insanity. Sigh.