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Is a biopsy only way to diagnose prostate cancer?

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I am 68 years old with a psa of4.4. Had a 4Kscore test reading of 14 and a mri showed a PI-RAD v2.1 assesment:3. Doctor recommends a prostate biopsy. I suggested active surveillance but he wants to do the biopsy. Trying to decide on what to do. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Have a fusion guided Biopsy using the MRI together with the standard ultrasound.

I wish that my biopsy had been sooner; aggressive grade of cancer that might have been better contained if dx earlier.

Biopsy not a major procedure at all.

Layperson response. Ask your Dr if PSA can be repeated in ? Months: 1, 3 or 6? See if PSA increases and velocity of increase is accelerating.

Note: Way outside my formal education. Listen to your Dr, or have a 2d opinion consult?

Get the biopsy done. It’s not that bad but at least you will know for sure.

I agree, get the biopsy done.
I had mine done in July 2022 and it was painless.
My doctor was able to access my situation, he set up a radiation plan to destroy the tumor.
All is now done and I have positive monthly PSA results ( 0.02 being the last one). All the best.

Get the biopsy.. I was worried about getting one as well and it turned out to be painless… Check with your provider to see what type of biopsy you would be getting… In my case I got a targeted trans-perineal biopsy as opposed to a trans-rectal biopsy as this procedure offers less potential side effects.. Best of luck to you..

Get it done! It's literally a 10 minute procedure with no special prep beforehand. Relatively painless and you drive yourself home. The hard part is having to wait a week for the results but this can't be avoided because samples soak in ink for 7 days before they are dissected.

A biopsy does not hurt, and post biopsy does not interfere with your activity and it is the best way to determine the extent of the cancer and to determine the proper treatment. Prostate cancer is a serious matter, not just an inconvenience. I recommend that you get expert medical advise and then follow that advise.

Hello, my PSA level was 4.2. I felt health and was surprised to see my 4.2 level; the year before it’s had been 2.1. My biopsy results included 12 samples. Six samples showed cancer, Gleason 3+4. I signed up for surgery. The surgery involved cutting wide on one side, removal of a tumor and eight lymph-node samples. Unfortunately, cancer was found in one node. I was surprised by all this, to say the least. It’s been a year since my surgery. I’ve recover well, except for no erectile function. Good luck with your decision.

I agree with the other recommendations, get the biopsy done ASAP.

i am 69. Had a psa of 10.2 up from 8.5 90 days before. I had the prostate specific MRI which showed something. Based on that, I recently Had a CT biopsy with propanol to put me asleep. Next time I would make it MRI guided but worth the minimal side effects to get it done if unsure. If you do get it you might want to consider the decipher test which takes your biopsy material and checks it for cancer aggressiveness and gives modal suggestions. Good luck. Learned a great deal from the patients on this support area.

If I'd had a biopsy at a PSA of4+ at age 40 I wouldn't be in the fix I am now.