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No, my team advises that all tests are "normal" . All lab reports, billings, doctors' notes, etc are all posted to my patient portal. Gone are the days of anything sent snail mail, or phone calls with results. Questions can be asked via the portal. I actually learned of my cancer diagnosis via the portal, my first thought was that now I finally have proof that I am sick. My MD called shortly thereafter- she had many conversations with the pathologist & referred to me an oncologist to establish a protocol for the cancer. I am blessed that everything has come back normal. My oncologist said that this type of cancer is very treatable & non-aggressive but no one can tell me why I have these symptoms. I see what other patients are going thru here & I feel guilty about complaining & I count my blessings. Thank you.

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While I'm not a medical professional, @pippa05, your symptoms sound like carcinoid syndrome and there are treatments available for those symptoms. If your current oncologist is not willing to help you with these symptoms, it might be good to seek a second opinion. I'm also wondering if you have had blood tests to check for Serotonin levels. As you have access to your test results through the patient portal, check to see if this test has been done.

Here is a link from the Mayo Clinic's website on the topic of Carcinoid Syndrome. After you read about the symptoms, causes and treatments, talk to your doctor about these symptoms as it relates to carcinoid syndrome.
Will you let me know what you learn from this article?