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Tapering off Budesonide/pulmicort question

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Rainey, what are you taking Budesonide for? And does it help?
How long are you on it before you get the thrush?
Thanks, Cate

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The doc at the Pulmonary Specialty Clinic ordered it 2 times a day. Along with the 7% saline, and levalbuterol. That was after trying different inhalers and (Breo and Treology). Inhalers just tightened my lungs and made it more difficult to breath. She started with just nebulizing saline and after about 2 weeks added levalbuterol and after 2 more weeks added budesonide.
I am gargling with warm saline water as I do the airway clearance with nebulized meds and also gargle and rinse my mouth with saline water after levalbuterol and after budesonide. That delays thrush, but does not prevent it. I have had thrush and have taken meds for it 3 or 4 times in the past 1w months. I may go a month without using budesonide and then I will try again. for a few weeks and have to stop. I am now off budesonide (3 days so far) and hoping that breathing will improve without to start it back again. I have not decided whether it helps breathing and decreases the amount of mucus or not.