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Gastroparesis & Metformin

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Hi Joanne - if the erythromycin doesn't work you may want to ask your health care professional about Motegrity which was designed to help with severe constipation but a small study showed it helped with gastroparesis (Prucalopride in Gastroparesis: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Crossover Study).
Your comments about liquids was helpful. I think they are easier to pass through the digestive tract. I eat a lot of soft low-fiber foods (purees, soups, scrambled eggs) and drink lots of clear fluids.
I am not a health care professional and am not recommending anything but am just sharing my experience.
Hope you find something to help you!

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Thank you…I have been this way since June 2020 and I tried that drug for 6 months and absolutely nothing. I’ve been on Linzess and Amitiza for months as well and as a combination. My list is very long. I’ve decided that it’s life long and making life style changes is what I did. I was supposed to have a total colectomy September 2021 and I was scheduled and said no, I changed my mind. It’s really a good thing because gastroparesis came early 2022 and prior my testing for stomach emptying was normal. It would have just caused huge problems without a large colon. I think I do okay and it’s one day at a time. Thanks for your suggestion. I’m always looking for something I may not have tried. Never give up.