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Gastroparesis & Metformin

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Yes, it sure is. I’ve lost 20 plus now suffer malnutrition. I eat same foods every day, never change but hold my weight which is what they want. I eat one slice white toast or half English muffin with on poached egg just couple days a week. I suffer high cholesterol. I eat dairy free yogurt, lactate free cottage cheese and organic ground turkey and occasionally a piece of chicken. That’s it, anything else is deadly. It’s awful , I’m 68 but this works. I don’t have a lot of energy but sub two days a week at local high school. It is a way of life I guess.
Good luck.

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Hi Joanne - if the erythromycin doesn't work you may want to ask your health care professional about Motegrity which was designed to help with severe constipation but a small study showed it helped with gastroparesis (Prucalopride in Gastroparesis: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Crossover Study).
Your comments about liquids was helpful. I think they are easier to pass through the digestive tract. I eat a lot of soft low-fiber foods (purees, soups, scrambled eggs) and drink lots of clear fluids.
I am not a health care professional and am not recommending anything but am just sharing my experience.
Hope you find something to help you!