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I got the first dose of Pfizer on 03/22/2021 and immediately rapid heartbeat 140/min. In the next few days, I felt shortness of breath. In three weeks I developed dyspena, POTS symptoms and sweating. POTS symptoms took half a year to recover. But my dyspnea never gets better: the air flow of my nose is decreasing every day and I am exercise intolerant. Pulmonary function test show my MIP/MEP (maximum inhale and exhale pressure) is extremely low. Cardio-pulmonary exercise test shows my peak O2 is only 30% of the normal value. No lung and heart problems. Lung doctor suspected it might be related to respiratory muscle weakness (neuromuscular disease disorder). Went to the Mayo Clinic, and ruled out this. I also have other neurological symptoms: muscle fasciculations, and uncontrolled body movement. Mayo Clinic movement disorder specialist ruled out the disease. I posted my case on early 2022 related to long covid. At that time, I didn't see much of reports related to vaccine side effects like me. Now, there is extremely few air flowing out of nose and I am easy to get fatigued. It makes me and my family in hardship! How could we get compensation for the unfortunate?

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What you have suffered is awful! I'm so sorry! Both Covid-19 and vaccine injuries can cause microclots that block small blood vessels. I'm wondering if the microclots could be the original or ongoing cause of your dypsnea. I developed sensory and motor nerve damage due to the Pfizer vaccine, which appears to have been autoimmune-mediated. You may have had both the autoimmune reaction provoked by the vaccine, which damaged your nerves, and the microclots, which damaged your lung function. Another possibility is the microclots also damaged your nerves. The microclots don't show up on conventional tests. It would be a good idea to join React19 and/or the Neuro V Long-Haulers Facebook group to become educated about vaccine injuries. The federal vaccine injury compensation program for the Covid vaccines is the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP). The vaccine injured are encouraged to apply even if more than one year has elapsed. But essentially no one is being compensated. The hope is that some day we will be.