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Hi Tsipora
I did finally get the glutathione from a functional MD doc but though I tried multiple times, it did not agree with me. Made my chest very tight for days, coughing(I am pretty asymptomatic with MAC, Aspergillus and bronchiectasis) I tried a tiny bit, a little more etc. I tolerate the 7% saline and other meds fine. If you read up on it, this reaction is common depending on your condition. I wish I could because that is really the best way for us to get the advantages of it.
She recommended nebulizing Biociden which I did take sublingually with her for 3 months. (may have done away with the Aspergillus) Read up on that product, very good review/reports. But I was uncomfortable nebulizing as it says nothing about that...I even called the company and they said though thousands are doing it, they cannot recommend it as FDA does not approve. It also seems a little oily to me which does not seem like a good thing to neb. The SC has been the biggest help to me so far and the Biociden I keep and take if I am around someone sick or I start feeling a little off etc and definitely helps(under the tongue). I do the glutathione under the tongue...not sure it does anything but it boosts immunity. I also do a big smoothie for my husband and I daily(he has Alzheimer's and doing way above average 8 years in) and rotate lots of immune boosting superfoods + greens + fruit+ nuts+ wild organic berries I order that are supposed to be good for lungs. My last CT in Oct had the actual words "resolved, improved" in multiple areas which was confirmed. One new tiny bad area they do not seem concerned with. Exercise daily as Nan says!! Hope this helps!!

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What is the SC you refer to? Thanks