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Back pain since having a double hip replacement

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I had both hips replace. One in 2021 and the other November 2022. I am having lower back “discomfort “ especially in the mornings when I get up. I am on an ice pack to help alleviate the pain for a little while. I thought these hip replacements would rid me of this problem. Is this still a part of my recovery/healing from my last surgery?

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Hello @bestnana53 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Surely you must be concerned with the ongoing pain following both hip surgeries.

You will notice I have moved your post into an existing discussion on this same topic, which you can find here:
- Back pain since having a double hip replacement: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/back-pain-since-having-a-double-hip-replacement/

I did this so you may connect with members like @marthajean and @naturegirl5 who have both shared their experiences with hip replacement and back pain. I am hoping they can shed some light on their recovery time and what, if anything, they found to help them through it.

You are approaching three months out, depending on when in November you had your last surgery, which is a fairly common recovery time. What are you doing for daily exercise and physical therapy?

@bestnana53 Hello, I had a total left hip replacement in November 2019. I can "feel" your pain as I have low back pain too. Have you talked with your surgeon about the pain?. Did you have this pain when you had your first hip replacement in 2021?

Before my hip replacement in 2019 I asked the surgeon if the surgery would heal the pain in both my hip and lower back that had become worse over the years. In my case he said, "no" for this reason. I have osteoarthritis in my lower spine so when I get up the mornings I continue to feel some pain and tightness. I also had to work on my walking gait has I had compensated for the "bad" hip over the years and this old walking gait was contributing to my back pain.

I had a repaired congenital hip dysplasia (repaired when I was an infant). This is the hip that deteriorated over the years. It has taken me lots of time, patience, and weight lifting exercise to regain strength in that left hip. If I'm not careful I can cause pain to my lower back.

When is your next appointment with your surgeon? Will you talk with them about the pain you are experiencing?