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The picture is from week 5 after the mastectomy. I ended up with a bilateral mastectomy on 05/25/22 and almost died the day after, having to have emergency surgery. I had lost 1 liter of blood in 4 minutes BP was 70 over 40. I had 16 different attempts at a 2nd IV line none successful and I remember every second of it seeing my tough guy husband standing in the door crying, He said I was so gray he thought I was dead. After being discharged I was in the ER at least 2 times due to the buildup of fluid in the chest area. I had no less than 5 liters of fluid drained between all the weekly surgeon & ER visits. But...09/15/22 the fluid buildup forced the surgical incision to burst open. I had bloody and green fluid everywhere. I dealt with 3 times daily wound care on myself and laundry every other day for 4 months. Due to chemo, radiation, estrogen blockers, and other medications my teeth were a mess. I had so much infection it kept the 4-inch dehiscence from healing. It was more expensive to repair my teeth than to extract the teeth. So, we got a loan of $10,595.00 and 10/12/22 they extracted all my teeth. The good news is after all the infection in my thick blood the dehiscence started healing/closing : ) No more green-yellow gunk leaking. My loss of teeth has been another nightmare that I won’t bore you with. The debt collectors are relentless and threatening a lien on our home. I pray you to have a better 2023

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Thank you so much for your story. I was offered lumpectomy and mastectomy by both breast surgeon with emphasis on lumpectomy, but I decided mastectomy and feel great about my choice. Not only, but reading about breast implant illness (BII) and other complications regarding implants and the flap surgery, made me choose aesthetic flat surgery unilateral Goldilock. Having mastectomy, and being flat it feels so right and healthy. My intention is to have mastectomy on my second breast. I would like from the plastic surgeons to recommend aesthetic flat surgery and not only implants or flap. Luckily I found about aesthetic flat with three weeks prior my surgery. The breast surgeon could do an amazing aesthetic flat, but the plastic surgeon is recommended.

Again, thank you for sharing your story. I am waiting for my Oncotype test and meeting the oncologist on January 25th. What would you do differently today? Would you still do chemotherapy and hormone therapy?