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Anyone have cavitary MAC?

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You are so fortunate to have a cavity that collapsed. Mine is 1.2 and I am waiting for a call on Tuesday 1-3-23 from a nurse at NJH to see if I can get an appointment. I have the Big 3 ready to start but wanted to see what she says first. Did they start you on Arikayce right away along with the Big 3? What times of day worked for you because I hear so many different times that work for people.
I am going to try and stay ahead of all the symptoms if possible (positive thinking). LOL
I really appreciate any info.

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Sorry, I need to ask as I am new to MAC: what does it mean that a cavity collapsed? When a lung collapses, it’s bad, but when cavity collapses, it’s good?

I have a cavity in my lung, 5.2 cm. I haven't seen the infectious disease doctor yet, I see them on Tuesday. Do you have any idea what they will do for something that big? I am terrified. It was actually a mass there and then they put me on antibiotics because I initially tested positive for klebsiella pneumonia, so they put me on antibiotics. Well the antibiotics must have cleared up some of that Mac infection and left a big hole where that mass was. Also it cleared up some of the nodules around the mass but then a bunch more formed in the middle of my lung and on the very bottom which I don't really understand a bunch of nodules could form and two and a half months?! From one CT to another. Any information you could give could be helpful! I also wanted to add I really don't have any symptoms at all except for a little bit of shortness of breath. Thank you! so much