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MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Mar 5, 2023 | Replies (43)

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Thank you, Sue. I am taking 1200 mg. of Mucinex 2 X a day.
Nebulizing 2 times a day.
7% saline (usually have to use 2 vials because the mucus is thick.). In between inhaling the 7% saline, I am jumping up and down and going to bathroom sink and gargling and using nettie pot with saline packets to get the mucus out. '
I also use the Smart Vest
Exercise: I am not exercising vigorously every day. I do join the Virtual Challenges and that is a motivator to get out and walk. about 1.5 miles a day. I have not done that during this month, because of the weather. I live at a place that has a gym and indoor pool. I stopped going to the water exercise classes this summer because the pool area was so hot, and I was concerned about breathing MAC. I do best with water exercises because of sever osteoarthritis and arthritis in hips and knees.
I am trying to take in more fluids.
CPAP for the past 6+ months but the amount of mucus and the time it takes to clear my airway so that I am not clearing my. throat constantly has not changed in almost 3 years.

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Replies to "Thank you, Sue. I am taking 1200 mg. of Mucinex 2 X a day. Nebulizing 2..."

That is quite a regimen! How does the Netipot helps if the mucus is in your lungs?

I too have arthritis - pretty much everywhere - and find chair yoga with many bending poses as well the the good old "downward dog" to help move the mucus when walking hurts too much.
Have you been tested for CF genes, since even using so much saline the mucus remains thick?