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I was 75 in 9/2022 when I had my distal with spleen removed. I had absolutely no pain. Just a few holes with, I guess, stitches that desolved on their own. They also installed a little pain pump that the nurses would insist I use. They did not want any pain. I also had a little fluid drain. Everything was removed on day six, again with no pain. Have a friend who had to keep her drain in for about 10 days after discharge…but it's no big deal. It's self contained. Doubt if you'll need to do anything with the drain if it does need to remain for a few extra days. I rested for one day, then headed out to walk and explore the neighborhood. Took it slow the first two or three days and gradually picked up the pace and increased the distance. By the time I was ready for my port, I was just about where I was prior to surgery. Diet? Eat healthy. Leave the processed and junk foods behind. Add plenty of foods good for the microbiome, (sugarless yogurts, sourkraut, miso, pickles, etc. – no sugar substitutes) it will help immensely with bowel issues. Take full advantage of your dieticians advice! Wishing you the best.

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I also had a JP drain which stayed in for a couple weeks maybe less. When it got full I unscrewed it from the catheter and emptied in the toilet. I will not go into the ordeal I had to have the drain removed other than I vasal vagaled and almost went unconscious. My port was delayed because I developed an infection. Totally agree with the food. I am really getting better with eating healthy. I did eat some stuff I shouldn't of but it is New Years Eve. No alcohol and only 1 Pepsi. 🙂

Happy and healthy New Year to everyone.