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MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Mar 5, 2023 | Replies (43)

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Well, my pulmonologist treats me, 2 daughters and my grandson - and I believe she does a very good job with each of us. I guess I wouldn't see it as an issue, especially as she is affiliated with some of the best docs for your condition.

Of more concern to me is "...still spending 4 to 5 hours every day getting the mucus out of my lungs . Clear and very thick.. " Even at my sickest & worst, it never took 2 hours a day to do airway clearance.

What steps are you taking to thin the mucus? Are you exercising vigorously at least once a day? (it really gets that stuff moving!)


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Thank you, Sue. I am taking 1200 mg. of Mucinex 2 X a day.
Nebulizing 2 times a day.
7% saline (usually have to use 2 vials because the mucus is thick.). In between inhaling the 7% saline, I am jumping up and down and going to bathroom sink and gargling and using nettie pot with saline packets to get the mucus out. '
I also use the Smart Vest
Exercise: I am not exercising vigorously every day. I do join the Virtual Challenges and that is a motivator to get out and walk. about 1.5 miles a day. I have not done that during this month, because of the weather. I live at a place that has a gym and indoor pool. I stopped going to the water exercise classes this summer because the pool area was so hot, and I was concerned about breathing MAC. I do best with water exercises because of sever osteoarthritis and arthritis in hips and knees.
I am trying to take in more fluids.
CPAP for the past 6+ months but the amount of mucus and the time it takes to clear my airway so that I am not clearing my. throat constantly has not changed in almost 3 years.