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MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Mar 5, 2023 | Replies (43)

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I live in Wilmington, NC and would really like to go to NJH for evaluations and treatment plan. I have not submitted an application because of travel concerns and need for airway clearance while traveling. I have copious amounts of mucus daily for the past 3 years.
I see a doctor at the Pulmonary Specialty clinic at UNC - Chapel Hill, NC approximately every 6 months She is very responsive to my questions and requests on "My Chart." However she is assigned to the Pediatric Unit about 1/2 of the time or more, so does not have that much availability. (Working with pediatric patients one week and then to working with geriatric patients the next week.)
I also see a pulmonologist in Wilmington (PRN) , however he said he did not want to manage the bronchiectasis and recommended, that I see him when needed and can't get an appointment with UNC-CH.

SO: MY QUESTION IS: How do you manage the trip to Denver from North Carolina with the need for airway clearance? (Fly? Drive?).

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Raney, I recently went to NJH for my first visit. We live in GA, rented a car and drove to Denver. We have an elderly dog and didn’t want to subject her to flying and with her health issues, didn’t want to leave in the care of others. I did my air clearance in the evening after we checked in at the hotels. I didn’t take the time to do my morning clearance before we left in the mornings so we could get on the road. I have a Pari Trek nebulizer for travel and it has a car adapter, so I could have used it while my husband was driving and I should have but I didn’t. I kept a large box of Kleenix in the car in case I needed to cough up anything while we were traveling. It was around 1435 miles for us and we spent 4 days and 3 nights getting there without exhausting ourselves. We also allowed ourselves a full day to settle in at Denver between arriving there and our first day at the hospital.

I went in October We flew. I had o2 for the flight. Somewhere along the trip I developed a Pneumthorax! We were there 2 weeks, all testing was done. New meds given. Was told not to fly back because of collapsed lung. It healed in about month
Long ride from Dever to Albany NY, but Id do it again to see those doctors! My right lung has always been the worst. I am not being treated yet for MAC. But have great meds or broncheicstsis.Now, at home my o2 is up where it belongs.